Welcome to Our Program!

The Teen Car Control Clinic (TCCC) gives students real-world, hands-on experience behind the wheel of their own cars. Students go through training that includes, but not limited to: skid control, emergency stops, reverse driving, parallel parking, hazard avoidance, freeway merging, and much more. NASA hosts these events because it's our belief that we can make the streets safer for everyone, and at the same time, save the lives of inexperienced drivers. More teens are killed in auto accidents each year than by any other means. It is our mission to prevent as many avoidable accidents as possible.

Past Student Quotes

What parents and students are saying about our program :

“I thought that this was going to be some drills and then driving in the passenger seat with an instructor. This was SOOOO much better than I thought! This was truly an amazing experience! SOOOO MUCH FUN!!”

“It was AMAZING. I had a blast. I am so glad that my parents had me come!”

“Better than expected - Drivers were in fantastic guidance, and educational sceniarios!”

“My son LOVED every part of today's education. ”

“I'm very impressed with the dedication all the volunteers give to the clinic. ”

“The instructors were great. They took the time to explain & show, even if it took several times.”